Helping Families Grow


Develop as group for parent(s) that are Trans * and/or Gender Queer and their children/youth. Work together to create a safe opportunity for socialization and communication of individual, family, and community challenges.  Discuss hopes, needs, goals, strengths and how to work together to change bigger systemic issues that face our community.

Often it can be difficult for parents and caregivers who are trans and their partners to find someone that shares their common experience.  At times we are faced with discrimination that may be a concern to the well being of not only our selves but also our families.  We also bring our own special strengths to parenting and caring for our children. 

Transgender parents of Washington (T-Pow) is a group of families that have parent(s) that are trans* or gender queer.  We come together to share our stories and get to know one another.  We create a space for our children to share time and experiences with one another; as well as participate in social activities.  We talk about bigger systemic issues that face our community and act towards solutions.  Please join us on this journey.